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3 Maintenance Tips You Need To Know For Your Flat Roof

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Whether you own a commercial building or home, maintenance is imperative. Of course, when most people think of maintenance, they think about their siding, driveways, landscape, and interior. However, the roof should also be a key area to focus on your maintenance efforts on. If you have a flat roof, maintenance is even more important to ensure moisture and debris do not build up heavily over time. This guide will offer a few essential tips to follow when maintaining your flat roof.

Remove Debris

You may be surprised to learn just how quickly debris can accumulate on your roof. Leaves, pine straw, and even trash, for example, can start to pile up on your roof. This debris not only affects the look of your building or home — it can also help trap in moisture, which could lead to mold growth and potential leaks. Even if you feel your roof looks clean, inspect it regularly. Remove any debris piling up on the roof as soon as possible. This will help protect your roof's appeal and durability.

Prevent Debris

You can also reduce the risk of debris that falls onto your roof. One of the easiest ways to do this is by focusing in your landscaping. Trees that hang over your roof or close to your roof should be constantly inspected and trimmed. Remove any low-lying branches that allow leaves and pine straw to fall directly on the roof. If you notice any trees that are leaning or limbs and branches that are broken or decayed, they should be removed as well. By removing these trees and limbs, you can reduce the risk of fallen debris that could cause enormous damage to your roof.

Check the Slope

Most people are also surprised that their flat roof is not actually flat. To the naked eye, the roof may not appear to have a slope, but it should be designed so water can still flow off the roof. If you are noticing puddling in any areas of your flat roof, the design is lacking even the smallest slope.

Contact roofing professionals to inspect and measure the roof design to determine if it has the appropriate slope. Instead of replacing the entire roof, special vents and drains can be added to improve drainage from the roof.

A flat roof offers many advantages, but it still requires regular maintenance like other roofing designs. Visit a site like to find out more about flat roofs or to talk to roofing professionals who can help.