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Three Signs That Your Foundation May Be Sinking

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Many people know that if they start to see cracks in their foundation, there may be something wrong that needs to be addressed quickly. If there are no visible cracks, many people do not realize that there may still be issues with their foundation that may need to be repaired. The guide below walks you through a few indications that your foundation may be sinking and need to be repaired.

Unlevel Flooring

If you start to notice that the flooring in one or more rooms in your home is no longer level, your foundation may be sinking on one side of your home. If you are unsure if your floor is level or not, take a ball and hold it against the edge of the floorboard on one side of a room. Let go of it, and if it rolls toward any other side of the room, your floors are not level. Repeat this process with all four sides of the room to determine if it is level or not.

Doors No Longer Fully Shutting

Another sign that the foundation may be starting to crumble or sink is that doors no longer shut fully when you attempt to shut them. When the foundation of a home shifts, the door frames in a house also shift because the ground they are situated on top of is not level. If you notice that your doors are no longer easy to shut or open, you may have an issue with your foundation that may need to be addressed.

Cracks in the Corners of Your Home

Look in the corners of the rooms of your home to see if there are any cracks coming from the ceiling down. If you see cracks, your foundation might not be level. When the flooring isn't level, it causes the drywall to also become unlevel, which leads to the cracks that you see. Even if you patch the cracks, they will keep coming back until the foundation is made level again.

If you think that your foundation may be sinking or cracking, you need to hire a foundation repair company like Tremor Ready right away. They can come and look at your foundation and give you an estimate for what it would cost to do any repairs to it quickly and easily. Repairing the foundation is very tedious work that requires specialized tools and equipment, so it is best to hire a professional company to take care of the repairs for you to ensure that they are done right.