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Giving Your Kids Their Own Bathroom? Consider A Few Remodeling Ideas

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If you have two or three bathrooms in your house, you probably have a general idea of each one's purpose. The closest one to the living room might be the one that guests primarily use. The master bathroom is the one that you will use most of the time. You may also have a bathroom in the hallway by most or all of the bedrooms, which is likely the one that your kids use to get ready in the morning. If you want to dedicate this specific bathroom to them, you should make changes to a few features. This remodel will make it easier for you to enjoy and for them to get maximum functionality out of the bathroom.

Provide Lots of Storage

With several kids in the household, you do not want them to be arguing about who gets the most storage space. So, make it a priority to install several medicine cabinets and try to avoid ones that are shallow. When getting a new vanity, avoid ones that are mainly decorative and do not provide much storage or any at all. It is fine to choose a bulky vanity, as long as it gives your kids lots of space to store their personal belongings. You should also consider adding built-in storage to the shower and bath tub area.

Install Multiple Sinks

If you have enough room in the bathroom, make it a priority to get two sinks. This will allow two kids to get ready at the same time, which will come in handy when they leave for school at the same time. It also gives you an opportunity to have two vanities, which is perfect for maximizing storage in this bathroom.

Opt for Low-Maintenance

Kids are likely to be a little messy, whether it is on accident or intentional. So, you want to make the bathroom as easy to maintain and clean as possible. Porcelain tile flooring is the way to go because you will not have to worry about water absorption causing problems with the flooring down the line. As for the countertop, you cannot go wrong with a solid surface like quartz as it is easy to maintain. It is able to handle heat, so even when your kids straighten or curl their hair there is no reason to be concerned.

Turning one of your bathrooms into a dedicated one for your kids is a great way to improve life at home because it gives them more of what they need and makes it easy to keep the other bathrooms clean. For more information or assistance, contact general contractors, like those at Bohnstedt Construction.