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Signs That You May Need A New Septic Tank

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Many people fear the day when their septic system will suddenly stop working. However, if you pay close enough attention, you should be able to notice a few signs that it is on the brink of failure. This way, you can prepare for the expense of a new tank before you are in desperate need. To help you with this, you might want to take a few minutes to review the following signs.

Slow Draining Sinks

Now, a slow draining sink is not an automatic sign of the entire septic system failing you. You could simply have a clog in the line or be in need of septic pumping. However, if this is a consistent problem that never goes away no matter what steps you take, it is indeed a sign of a bigger issue.

Constant Floods In The Yard

While the idea is to prevent a flood of raw sewage water in your yard, it may happen from time to time if there is a clog or the system is overflowing. With that said, if you find that your yard is always a swampy mess, it could be that the sides of the septic are no longer holding everything in like it should. It is steadily seeping into your yard, which is a dangerous mess as sewage water can harm you and your family if you are directly exposed to it.

Depressions Forming In Your Yard Around The Tank

The shape of your yard should never change dramatically in a short enough amount of time to where you are able to recognize it. If it does, then you have a problem. If you are starting to notice that your yard is sinking in on top of or around where the septic tank is underground, there is a good chance that the walls of the tank have collapsed. This is leaving room for soil to come crashing in. This is not only a problem for your septic system, but it is a real and present danger to all people and animals that dare walk across that area as it is unsettled and unsafe.

With the previously mentioned signs in mind, you should have no problem spotting a serious problem that may result in a replacement septic tank. Just make sure that you are calling in a septic waste professional (such as Claggett & Sons Inc) for a more in-depth evaluation of the situation. This way, you can have your home up and running normally in no time at all.