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Three Questions to Ask before You Hire a Roofing Contractor

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Whether you need some repair work done on your home's existing roof or you've decided to change the look of your home by installing a new roof entirely, hiring the right roofing contractor can ensure that you're happy with the job. It's common sense to be eager to ask a series of basic questions about the cost, the contractor's experience, and how quickly he or she can perform the job. However, asking a handful of other questions is also important to help you pick the right person to complete the job. Here are three questions to get satisfactorily answered before you hire your contractor.

What Unique Challenges Does My Job Present?

While a contractor can tell you about his or her years on the job and overall experience in doing this type of work, you can get a feel for the person's degree of expertise by talking specifically about your job. Arrange to have the contractor visit your home to provide an estimate, and then ask if your roofing work will present any unique challenges. The contractor should be able to tell you, for example, whether your roof angles require a little more diligence or whether your simple, peaked roof will mean a straightforward job. If you ask a few contractors this question and one person's response differs greatly from the others, treat the answer as a red flag.

How Will You Protect My Gutters?

The condition of your home's gutters might seem minor compared to the roofing job, but untrained or unscrupulous contractors can damage your gutter system and leave you with a sizable bill and headache. Ask how the roofing contractor will protect your gutters during the job—you should hear an answer that discusses the use of ladder stabilizers, which are accessories that prevent the top of the ladder from resting against the gutters. Stabilizers have an added benefit of making the ladder more secure, which reduces the risk of the contractor being injured on your property.

How Will You Deal with Debris from the Job?

It's always important to ensure that your roofing contractor has a plan for dealing with old shingles and other debris from the job. An unscrupulous contractor might simply pile the mess in your yard, while a professional will cart away the waste him- or herself or have a dumpster bin delivered to gather the debris. Ensure that this expense is included in your price quote so you don't have to face an unexpected bill after the job begins.

Find a contractor that offers roof installation and repair in your area and keep these things in mind when discussing your job.