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Four Energy Efficient Solutions To Integrate Into Your Remodeling Home Design

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If you want your home to be more sustainable, renewable energy resources are an important part of the design of your home. When building remodeling your home, you can include many of these things in the design. You may want to integrate solar and wind energy, as well as technology for conserving water and heating and cooling your home efficiently. Here are some of the energy efficient solutions that can be incorporated into the design of your new home:

1. Renewable Electricity With Solar And Wind Solutions

If you want to have lower utility bills, producing your own electricity is a great way to become energy independent. There are many solutions available today, which include building materials with integrated solar panels that are attractive. You can also use vertical wind turbines, which are more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes than conventional turbines.

2. Heating And Cooling With Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Heating and cooling your home is also important when it comes to energy efficiency. For heating, you may want to consider things like solar water heaters, which can also be used for hot water. Heating and cooling can also be made more efficient by using geothermal solutions for the design of your mechanical systems.

3. Conserving Water With Collection And Recycling Solutions

You may also want to conserve water if you live in a dry climate or an area with frequent summer droughts. This can be done with the use of rain collection systems to store rainwater after heavy rains. There are also greywater systems that can recycle water from things like appliances and use it for landscape or garden irrigation purposes. The greywater can also be used for other outdoor chores that you may need to do.

4. Saving Energy With Practical Lighting Designs

You may also want to be able to save energy with efficient lighting. Good lighting design in a new home should include things like natural lighting. You can also use designs that include strip lighting with energy LED technology. When designing the lighting for your home, you may also want to add automation, which can automatically control lighting for optimal efficiency and comfort.

These are some of the energy efficient solutions that you may want to incorporate into the design of your new home. If you are ready to have a new home built with energy efficient solutions, contact a general contractor like Rob Kabby Custom Builders, and talk with them about integrating some of these features into the design of your home.