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Three Choices To Help You Decide On A New Metal Roof For Your Home

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If you are ready to have your old roof replaced, metal roofing is a great choice. There are products available for every budget, and metal is a material that will last for decades. If you want to have a simple metal roof, panels can be a great solution. You can also get shingles and standing seam styles professionally installed to give your home an attractive and durable roofing solution. If you are ready for a new roof, here are some of the choices you have to use metal on your home:

1. Affordable Metal Roofing Panels

One of the most affordable metal roofing options are metal roofing panels. These are panels that overlap each other to create a water-tight barrier on your roof. These panels can come in galvanized tin materials, as well as steel powder coated designs. The coated materials will cost a little more, but they will also protect the metal and not oxidate and change color.

2. Classic Designs With Metal Roofing Shingles

If you want to have a classic roof design for your home, there are also metal roofing shingles. Metal roofing shingles come in a variety of different styles. They can be a great choice if you want to have the look of slate on your roof. If you wanted to have shakes on your home, but the use of them is prohibited in your area, metal shingles with shake patterns are a great alternative to real wood shakes. When you buy these materials, you may want to buy extra for repairs. This will ensure you have materials to do repairs decades after the roof installation.

3. Standing Seam Metal Roofs That Are Durable And Attractive

Standing seam metal roofs are one of the most popular metal roofing systems. They can also be one of the most costly metal roofing systems. These systems will have a durable finish that is weather resistant. They have many advantages such as seams that are very water tight. These systems usually include an energy efficient membrane that is used as a moisture barrier. The membrane helps to provide additional protection from roof leaks and improves the energy efficiency of your home.

These are some of the choices you have for a new metal roof on your home. If you are ready to have your roof replaced with metal, contact a metal roofing contractor like Advanced Seamless Gutter & Roofing Inc., and talk with them to find the right material for your home and your budget.